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We are a renowned manufacturer & supplier of pharma drugs, which find tier application in the medical sector & allied areas. The product line includes Tablets, Capsules, Injections, Ayurvedic Medicines, Syrups, Softgel, Creams & Powders and Dental Solutions. Our capabilities also lie in assisting the clients to formulate guidelines that allow them to promote their products in the market & Powders and Dental Solutions. We are offering for' pharma franchise to be offered in our vacant areas. We are a renowned manufacturer & supplier of pharma drugs, which find application in the medical sector & allied areas. We are one of the'top pharmaceutical company in chandigarh offering wide range of pharma products.Our range is well known throughout the market for its quality, effectiveness, accurate composition, chemical ratio and exceptional medicinal properties. The range available with us highly appreciated by the clients, and is well

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Medivaxia Pharma
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Pharma Monopoly Franchise

Pharma Monopoly Franchise As we all know that every business want to grow in their respective field. In every field if you want to grow then you have to follow the market trend. According the market trend of pharmaceutical industry in India Pharma business franchise is the best option. In this business model you have to take the authorisation from the respective pharma company in order to sell their products at your own behalf. The pharma business opportunity model is very interesting and provide immense benefits. In this model you are the owner of your own business. Which means there is no tension of achieving the monthly targets to get franchise of a branded companies. During the agreement which is also known as pharma marketing agreement. The company grants you authorisation for carrying the company’s products, monopoly rights and company trademark’s with mutual terms between the parties.

Pharma Contract Manufacturing

Pharma Contract Manufacturing Medivaxia Pharma is one of India's most respected pharmaceutical companies and is committed to delivering better health through superior products. By combining strategic research and expert industry knowledge, Medivaxia Pharma aims to transform itself into a global pharmaceutical drug company. Medivaxia Pharma is a division of Biophar Lifesciences which is An ISO 9001:2015 certified & WHO-GMP compliant manufacturing company having strong presence in domestic & international markets. We offer franchisee on monopoly basis nationwide. With a wide product range, we have franchisees appointed in almost every state. With the satisfaction, trust and support of our customers, the group has established itself as strong brand in the market. We strive to provide total commitment to healthcare to achieve leadership in chosen markets. With the latest formulations in the medical world, we are also offering the most innovative combinations at reasonable prices to fulfill the dream of healthier lives. We also provide attractive packaging and promotional materials based on the customer's requirements. We are looking for young and dynamic people to join us as business associates and to be part of this growing company.

Product List with Composition / Packaging

1ALVAXIA-5Levocitrizine 5Mg 10X10
2ALVAXIA-MLevocitrizine 5Mg + Montelukast Sodium 10Mg10X10
3ALVAXIA-M-KIDLevocitrizine 2.5Mg + Montelukast Sodium 5Mg10X10
4BESTCORT-6Deflazacort-6 Mg10X10
5COBAMUST-GGabapentin 150 Mg + Methylcobalamin 750 Mcg (Alu-Alu)10*10
6EXPAIN-PAceclofenac 100Mg + Paracetamol 325Mg Tab10X10
7EXPAIN-SPAceclofenac 100 + Paracetamol 325 + Serratiopeptidase 15Mg10X10
8EXPAIN-MRAceclofenac 100 + Paracetamol 325 + Chlorazoxazone 250Mg10*10
9EXPAIN-T8Aceclofenac 100Mg + Thiocholchicoside 8Mg10X10
10EXPAIN-T4Aceclofenac 100Mg + Thiocholchicoside 4Mg10X10
11FEMUST-XTFerrous Ascorbate 100Mg + Folic Acid 1.5Mg + Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate 7.5Mg10X10
12LINEDAY-600Linezolid 600 mg10*1*6
13LEVOZED-500Levofloxacin 50010X10
14MOXIPRAY CV-625Amoxycillin 500Mg + Clavulanic Acid 125Mg (Strip) 10X6
15MOXIPRAY CV-375Amoxycillin 250Mg + Clavulanic Acid 125Mg10X10
16MOXIMUST KIDAmoxycillin 200Mg + Clavulanic Acid 28.5Mg 10X10
17NORLI-PNimesulide 100 Mg + Paracetamol 325Mg20X10
18NEWLINE-PPregabalin 75 mg + Nortryptiline 10 mg10*10
19NEWLINE-GGabapentin 400 mg + Nortryptiline 10 mg10*10
20OUTNAC-SPDiclofenac Potassium 50mg + Serratiopeptidase 10mg + Paracetamol 325mg 10*10
21OUTNAC-SSerratiopeptidase 10Mg + Diclofenac Potassium 50Mg Tab 10X10
22OKFLOX-OZOfloxacin 200Mg + Ornidazole 500Mg Tab10X10
23OKFLOX-200Ofloxacin 200Mg Tab 10X10
24OURXIME-CVCefixime 200Mg + Clavulanic Acid 125Mg Tab 10X10
25OURXIME-AZCefixime 200Mg + Azithromycin 250Mg 10X10
26OURXIME-OCefixime 200Mg + Ofloxacin 200Mg Tab 10X10
27OURXIME-LBCefixime 200mg + Lactic Acid Bacillus(60 million spores) Tablets 10*10
28OURXIME-200Cefixime 200Mg Tab 10X10
29OURXIME-OZCefixime 200 mg + Ornidazole 500 mg tablet10*10
30OVERXON-200Cefpodoxime 200Mg10X10
31OVERXON-CVCefpodoxime 200Mg + Clavulanic 125Mg tab10X1X10
32OVERXON-OCefpodoxime 200mg + Ofloxacin200mg10*10
33PANPREY-40Pantoprazole 40 Mg10X10
34RABPREY-20Rabeprazole 20Mg10X10
35RABPREY-DRabeprazole 20 Mg + Domperidone 10Mg10X10
36RUTOLIST-DTrypsin 48 mg + Bromelain 90 mg + rutoside 100 mg + Diclofenac Pottassium. -50 Mg10X10
37RUTOLISTTrypsin 48Mg + Bromelain 90Mg + Rutoside 100Mg10X10
38SETCERIN-GMDiacerein 50 Mg + Glucosamine 750 Mg + Msm 250 Mg10X10
39UROPURE-300Ursodeoxycholic Acid 300Mg10X10
40VAXCOTCetrizine Hydrochloride 5mg + Paracetamol 325mg + Phenylpherine Hydrochloride 5mg20*10
41VAXICALCalcium Citrarte 1000Mg + Vitamin D3 200Iu + Elemental Zinc 4mg + Magnesium 100mg10X10
42VAXICAL-FORTEOmega 3 Fatty Acid 300 Mg + Methylcobalamine 1500 Mcg + Folic Acid 400 Mcg + Calcium Carbonate500 Mg.3*10
43VAXICAL-7Calcitriol 0.25 mcg + vitamin K2-7 45 mcg + calcium citrate 500 mg + boron 1.5 mg + methylcobalamin 750 mcg3x10
44ZEFACT-250Azithromycin 250Mg (10X6) (Blister Pack)10X6
45ZEFACT-500Azithromycin 500Mg ( 10X3) (Blister Pack )10X3
46ZEFTOM-250Cefuroxime 25010 X10
47ZEFTOM-500Cefuroxime 500 mg 10*10
48ZEFTOM-CVCefuroxime 500 mg + Clavulanate Acid 125 mg Tab10 X10
49BIODIET-MMecobalamin 500mcg + Alpha lipoic acid 25mg + Vitamin A 5000IU + Vitamin E 25IU + Ascorbic Acid 100mg + Thiamine mononitrate 10mg + Riboflavin 10mg + Pyridoxine Hydrochloride 3mg + Cyanocobalamin 5mcg + Niacinamide 50mg + Folic Acid 1mg + Calcium D Pantothenate 12.5mg + Zinc 15mg + Copper 2.5mg + Selenium 60mcg + Manganese 1.4mg + Chromium 65mcg 10X10
50BIODIET-LAL-arginine 250mg + Ginseng 30mg + Lycopene 6% 5000mcg + Vitamin C 25mg + Vitamin E 10mg + Niacinamide 10mg + Vitamin A 4mg + Vitamin B1 1.5mg + Vitamin B2 1.5mg + Vitamin B6 1.5mg + Calcium-D Pantothenate 1mg + Folic acid 0.25mg + Vitamin B12 1mcg + Zinc sulphate 10mg + Selenium 50mcg10*10
51BIODIETGinseng 42.57mg + Vit B1 1.1mg + Vit B2 1.1mg + Vit B6 1.3mg + Niacinamide 14mg + Calcium Pantothenate 5mg + Biotin 30mcg + Folic acid 400mcg + Vitamin B12 2.4mcg + Selenium 26mcg + Iodine 100mcg10X10
52COBAMUST-PPregabaline 75 mg + Mecobalamin750Mcg10X10
53COBAMUST-PLUSMethylcobalamin 1500Mcg + Alpha Lipoic Acid 100Mg + Folic Acid 500Mcg Thiamine Mononitrate 4500Mcg + Pyridoxine 1500Mcg10X10
54LYOLISTLycopene 6% 2mg + Vitamin B1 1.1mg + Vitamin B2 1.1mg + Vitamin B6 1.3mg + Selenium 26mcg + Iodine 100mcg + Folic acid 400 mcg10X10
55PROITRA-100Itraconazole 100mg10*1*4
56PROITRA-200Itraconazole 200mg10*1*4
57PANPREY-ITPantoprazole 40 + Itopride Sr 150 Mg10X10
58PANPREY-DSRPantoprazole 40 Mg + Domperidone 30 Mg10X10
59PP-LACLactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus rhamnosus,Bifidobacterium Longum,Saccharomyces Boulardii (2.75 billion) + Fructooligosaccharides 100mg10 X10
60RABPREY-ITRabeprazole 20 Mg + Itropride 150 Mg Sr Capsule10X10
61RABPREY-DSRRabeperazole 20 Mg + Domperdione 30Mg Susutain Released 10X10
62RABPREY-LSRabeprazole sodium IP 20mg & Levosulpiride 75mg10*10
63VITOLISTMecobalamin 500mcg + Alpha lipoic acid 50mg + Vitamin A 2500IU + Vitamin C 100mg + Niacinamide 50mg + Vitamin B6 10mg + Calcium pantothenate 12.5mg + Folic acid 1mg + Vitamin B12 5mcg + Vitamin D3 500 IU + Vitamin E 25 IU + Zinc oxide 15mg + Cupric oxide 2.5mg + Selenium 60mcg + Maganese chloride 4mg + Chromium chloride 65mcg10X10
64CHOLERAYSCholecalciferol IU 60000 Soft Gel10*1*4
65COLATIDECollagen Peptide Type II 150mg + Glucosamine Sulphate 500mg + Chondroitin sulphate 100mg + Vit D3 800IU + Folic acid 400mcg + Vit B12 10mcg + Zinc 5mg + Ginger root extract 40mg3*10
66OVAXIA-369Omega 3 + Omega 6 + Omega 9(FLAX SEED OIL 500mg)10*10
67PLUS Q 10Co-enzyme Q10 100mg + Lycopene 2000mcg + L-glutathione 100mcg + L-carnitine L-tartrate 250mg + Selenium 75mcg + Zinc Oxide 7.5mg3*10
68VAXICAL-7Calcitriol 0.25 mcg + vitamin K2-7 45 mcg + calcium citrate 500 mg + Omega 3-fatty acid 120mg + Boron 1.5 mg + Methylcobalamin 750 mcg + Folic acid 400mcg3x10
69CALVAXOCalcitriol I.P.0.25 mcg + calcium citrate 425mg + Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate I.P. 20mg + Magnesium Oxide(Light) I.P. 40mg10x10
70ALVAXIA-MLevocetirizine Hcl 2.5mg& Montelukast 4mg Suspension30Ml
71BESTCORT-6Deflazacort-6 Mg Oral Suspension30Ml
72CODYSIL PLUSPhenylephrine Hcl 5Mg + Cpm 2Mg + Paracetamol 250Mg60Ml
73EXPAIN-PAceclofenac 50mg + Paracetamol 125mg60Ml
74OURXIME-50Cefixime 50 MgDry Syp
75OURXIME-OCefixime 50 mg + Ofloxacin 50 mg30 ml
76OURXIME-ACefixime 50 mg + Azithromycin 100 mg30 ml
77OVERXONE 50Cefpodoxime 50 MgDry Syp
78OVERXONE CVCefpodoxime Proxetil 50Mg + Potassium Clavulanic Acid 31.25MgDry Syp
79MOXIMUST-CVAmoxycillin Trihydrate Ip 200Mg + Clavulanic Acid 28.5Mg30ML/Dry Syp
80NORIL-PMefenamic 50Mg + Paracetamol 125Mg60Ml
81PPLAC-ZZinc Gluconate 20mg + L.Acidophilus, B.Longum, B.Bifidum, B.Infantis 417mg + Fructo-oligosaccharide 25mg60Ml
82BIODIETMethylcobalamin 1500mcg Injection5*2ml
83BIODIET PLUSMethylcobalamin 1000mcg,Vitamin B6 100mg& Niacinamide 100mg injection1*2ml/DISPO PACK
84FEMUSTIron sucrose 20mg injection1*5ml
85MEROMUST 1GMMeropenem 1Gm1'S
86OUTNAC Diclofenac sodium injection I.P10X1ml
87OVERXON-1 GMCeftriaxone 1Gm 1'S/D.W.
88OVERXON S-1.5 GMCeftriaxone 1Gm + Sulbactam 500Mg1'S
89OVERXON S 375Ceftriaxone 250mg & Sulbactum 125mg1'S
90OVERXON S 750Ceftriaxone 500mg & Sulbactum 250mg1'S
92OVERXON-500Ceftriaxone 500mg Injection I.P1'S
93OVERXON-250Ceftriaxone 250mg Injection I.P1'S
94OVERXON-T 1.125Ceftriaxone 1000mg & Tazobactum 125mg1'S
95OVERXON-T 281.25Ceftriaxone 250mg With Tazobactum 31.25mg1'S
96PANPREY-40Pantoprazole 40Mg1'S
97TAZOVAX-4.5Piperacillin 4Gm + Tazobactum 0.5Gm1'S
98Z-ALPHA-150Alpha-Beta Arteether Injection 150 Mg3*2Ml
99ACTILISTCyproheptadine Hcl 2Mg + Tricholine Citrate 275 mg 200Ml
100BIODIET-LLycopene 6% 1000mcg + Vit A 2500IU + Vit E 10IU + Vit C 50mcg + Selenium 35mcg + Zinc 3mg + Iodine 100mcg + Cooper 500mcg 200Ml
101BIODIET PLUSL-Lysine HCL 30mg + Potassium Iodide 50mcg + Copper Sulphate 100mcg + Zinc Sulphate 22.5mg + Vit A 2500 I.U. + Cholecalciferol 200 I.U. + Vit E 5 I.U. + Thiamine Hydrochloride 1mg + Riboflavine Phosphate Sodium 1mg + Pyridoxine Hydrochloride 1mg + Cyanocobalamin 1 mcg + D Panthenol 2.5mg + Niacinamide 15mg200Ml
102FEMUST XTFerrous Ascorbate 30mg + Folic Acid 140mcg + Zinc Sulphate 22.5mg 200Ml
103LAXSODSodium Picosulfate 5mg100ml
104MUST-MPSMagnesium Hydroxide 200mg + Aluminium Hydroxide 200mg + Dimethicone 25mg170 Ml
105SLOWTUS-AAmbroxol 15Mg + Guaifenesin 50Mg + Terbutaline 1.25Mg + Menthol 2.5Mg100Ml
106SLOWTUS-DChlorpheniramine Maleate 2 Mg, + Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide10Mg + Phenylephrine Hydrochloride 5 Mg100Ml
107SLOWTUS-LSAmbroxol Hydrochloride 30Mg + Guaiphenesin 50Mg + Levosalbutamol Sulphate 1Mg 100ml
108SYOMUST OSucralfate U.S.P. 1gm & Oxetacaine B.P. 20mg100ML
109VAXICALCalcium Carbonate 625Mg + Magnesium Hydroxide 180Mg + Zinc Sulphate 14Mg + Vitamin D3 200Iu200Ml
110ZETZYMEFungal Diastase 50Mg + Pepsin 10Mg200Ml
111COLATIDE SACHETCollagen Pepitdes 5gm + Magnesium Orotate Dihydrate 875mg + Calcium Aspartate 500mg + Calcium Orotate Dihydrate 500mg + Cissus Quadrangularis Extract 500mg + Ascorbic acid 40mg + Silicon 10mg + Zinc 7.5mg + Boron 1.5mg + Pyridoxal5'-Phosphate 1mg + Mecobalamin 750mcg + L-Methylfolate Calcium 500mcg + Vitamin K2-7 45mcg + Vitamin D3 25mcg1*5*10 gm
112HEPAZESTL-Ornithine L-Aspartate 10X5Gm
113PPLAC SACHETLactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus rhamnosus,Bifidobacterium Longum,Saccharomyces Boulardii (1.25 billion) + Fructooligosaccharides 1500mg + Zinc enriched yeast 20mg1X20 X 1.5Gm
114PREDIETProtein hydrolysate 20% 5g + calcium 225mg + Phosphorus 174mg + Vit B6 0.5mg + Vit B12 1mcg + Vit D3 100IU + Niacinamide 15mg + Folic acid 0.3mg + Zinc 5mg + Iron 7.5mg200Gm
115VAXICAL D3Cholecalciferol granules Sachet1*20
116LUVAXIALuliconazole 1% w/w 10Gm
117OUTNAC GELDiclofenac Diethylamine 1.16% w/w + Linseed Oil 3% w/w + Methyl Salicylate 10% w/w + Menthol 5% w/w + Benzyl Alcohol 1% w/w30Gm
118OUTNAC PLUSDiclofenac Sodium 1.0% w/w + Linseed Oil 3% w/w + capsaicin 0.05% w/w + Methyl salicylate 10% w/w + Menthol 0.5% w/w + Benzyl Alcohol 1% w/w30Gm
119JUVIWASHHygiene Wash100 ML
126LIVLACT (Liver Tonic)Rheumemodi 170mg + Andrographics paniculata 30mg + Cassia Acitentalis 30mg + Ecllipta Alba 100mg + Phyllunthus Niruri 200mg + Embelica Ribes 30mg + Boerhaavia Diffusa 60mg + Terminalia chebula 30mg + Picrorrhiza Kurrooa 30mg + Fumaria Indica 30mg + Solanum Nigrum 30mg + Piper nigrum 30mg + Silyburn marianum 140mg200Ml
127MEFIRST (Brain Tonic)Sankhpuskpi 600mg + Brahmi 800mg + Bacha 500mg + Jatmanshi 300mg + Ashwagandha 600mg + Jyotishmati 400mg + Bhringraj 300mg200Ml
128UTCOOL (Uterine Tonic)Ashok chhal 600mg + Ashwagandha 300mg + Nagarmotha 300mg + Satavari 150mg + Maju 150mg + Harade 150mg + Beheda 150mg + Amla 150mg + Bala 150mg + Daru Haldi 300mg + Kachur 300mg + Anar chhal 300mg + Moosli 150mg + Lodhara 300mg200Ml
129Vaxoil (Ayurvedic pain killer oil)Maha Narayan 20% + Panchshar 20% + Vat Shoolantak 10% + Erand Beej 8% + Gandha Biroja 20% + Nilgiri 8% + Kapoor 5% + Pudina 6% + Masha Phool 1% + Lemon Grass Oil 2%60 ml
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