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In India, we are a prominent and one of the top pharmaceutical firms that provide cardiac diabetes pharma product franchise. We're on a mission to improve the healthcare industry's quality by providing the best pharmaceutical items for distribution and franchising. We are a well-known pharmaceutical firm in India because of our expert services.

Vasolife Healthcare is India's leading and finest PCD Pharma Franchise Company. It is committed to improving the healthcare industry's quality by offering the greatest pharmaceutical goods for distributorship and franchise.

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Vasolife Healthcare
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Cardiac Diabetic Pharma Franchise

Cardiac Diabetic Pharma Franchise Our professional services and accurate marketing assistance have earned us a spot among India's top ten PCD Pharma Franchise organisations. We are the best option for a franchise since we are the number one PCD based pharma company in Chandigarh, as well as the number one brand for PCD Pharma franchise in Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Assam, Rajasthan, Orissa, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, and Andhra Pradesh.

Third Party Manufacturer - Contract Manufacturing

Third Party Manufacturer - Contract Manufacturing Our production facilities are WHO GMP accredited, and we have our own manufacturing plant in Baddi, Himachal. For contract outsourcing, we provide third-party manufacturing. In a sophisticated and highly competitive worldwide industry, our well-built business units across many locations provide us a competitive advantage. This enables us to provide low-cost medicine to individuals all around the nation. We've established ourselves as a powerful force in the pharmaceutical sector, eager to expand by developing new formulations and making significant improvements in people's health.

Product List with Composition / Packaging

1VASOGLIM-1Glimepride Tab I.P 1mg10*10
2VASOGLIM-2 Glimepride Tab I.P 2mg10*10
3VASOGLIM-M1Glimepride-1mg + Metformin 500mg (ER) Bilayer Tab10*10
4VASOGLIM-M2Glimepride-2mg + Metformin 500 mg (ER) Bilayer Tab10*10
5VASOGLIM-MP1Glimepride1mg + Pioglitazone 15mg + Metformin 500(ER)Bilayer Tab10*10
6VASOGLIM-MP2Glimepride2mg + Pioglitazone + 15mg + Metformin 500(ER) Bilayer Tab10*10
7VASOGLIZ-MGlicalazide-60mg + Metformin 500mg SR10*10
8VASOGLIZ-M PLUSGlicalazide-80mg + Metformin 500mg SR10*10
6 VASOGLIM-MF1Glemepride-1mg + Metformin 1000mg SR(Bilayer Tab)10*10
7 VASOGLIM-MF2Glemepride-2mg + Metformin 1000mg SR(Bilayer tab)10*10
9VYOGOES-0.2Voglibose 0.2mg 10*10
10VYOGOES-0.3Voglibose 0.3mg 10*10
11VYOGOES-GM1Glimepiride 1mg + Voglibose 0.3mg + Metformin500 mg Tab10*10
12VYOGOES-GM2Glimepiride 2mg + Voglibose 0.3 mg + Metformin 500mg Tab10*10
13 VYOGOES-MVoglibose 0.2 + Metformin 500SR10*10
14ANGIOSAR-80Telmisartan 80mg10*10
15ANGIOSAR-40Telmisartan 40 mg 10*10
16ANGIOSAR-20Telmisartan 20 mg 10*10
17ANGIOSAR-AMTelmisartan 40mg + Amlodipine 5mg Tab10*10
18ANGIOSAR-HTelmisartan40mg + Hydrochlorothiazide12.5mg10*10
19VASOPIN-ATAmlodepin 5mg + Atenolol 50mg20x10
20VASOPIN-5Amlodepin 5mg20x10
21METACT-SR 1000 SRMetformin 1000mg SR10*10
22METACT-SR 500 SRMetformin 500mg SR10*10
23METACT-PGMetformin 500 Extd.Relase + Pioglitazone 15mg10*10
27OLMACT-HOlmesartan HCZ 12.5mg10*10
28RAMACT-1.25Ramipril 1.25mg10*10
29RAMACT-10Ramipril 10mg10*10
31RAMACT-H5Ramipril 5mg + Hydrochlorothiazide 12.5mg10*10
32RAMACT-H.2.5Ramipril 2.5mg + Hydrochlorothiazide 12.5mg10*10
33RAMACT-AMRamipril 5mg + Amlodipine 5mg10*10
34 ARTZEN-10MGAtorvastatin10mg10*10
35 ARTZEN-20MGAtorvastatin20mg10*10
36 ARTZEN-FAtorvastatin10mg + Fenofibrate160mg10*10
37 LOSACT-25Losartan potassium25mg10*10
38 LOSACT-50MGLosartan potassium50mg10*10
39 LOSACT-HLosartan-50mg + Hydrochlorothiazide-12.5mg10*10
40 LOSACT-AMLosartanpotassium-50mg + Amlodipine5mg10*10
41MT-XL25MetoprololxR 25mg10*10
42 MT -XL50MetoprololX R 50mg10*10
43MT-XL25 AMAmlodipine & Metoprolol 10*10
44MT-XL50 AMAmlodipine & Metoprolol 10*10
45 VASOGEN-PPregabalin75mg + Methylocobalamin750mcg10*10
46 VASOGEN-K2Methylcobalmin1500mcg + vit + k2-7 45mcg + methylfolate1mg + pyridoxa-5phosphate0.5mg + lycopene5000mcg + Ala100mg3*10
47 VASOGEN-GGabapentin300mg + Methylcobalmin500mcg10*10
48 RUSOVAS-10Rusovastatin-10mg10*10
49 RUSOVAS-5 Rusovastatin-5mg10*10
50 RABEVAAS-20Rabeprazole 20mg(ALU-Alu)10*10
51 RABEVAAS-DSRRabeprazole sodium20mg + Domperidone30mg S.R(Alu-ALU10*10
52 RABEVAAS-LSEnteric coated Rabeprazole Sodium and Levosulpride SR10*10
53 RABEVAAS-ITRabeprazole sodium20mg + Itopride Hydrochloride 150 SR10*10
54 VASOPAN-40Pantoprazole 40mg(Alu-Alu)10*10
55 VASOPAN-DSR Pantoprazole 20mg + Domperidone30mg sr(Alu-Alu)10*10
56 VASOPAN-ITPantoprazole Sodium $ Itopride Hydrochloride (cap)10*10
57VASOPAN -INJPantoprazole sodium40mg40mg
58 VASOFEN-SPAcelcofenac 100mg + paracetamol 325mg + serratiopeptidase 15mg(Alu-Alu)10*10
59 VASIXIM-200Cefixime-200(Alu-Alu)10*10
60 VASIXIM-Ocefixime-200 + Oflxacin 200mg(Alu-Alu)10*10
61FEBUVOLK-40Febexostat 40mg10*10
62FEBUVOLK-80Febexostat 80mg10*10
63MEROVAS-1GMMeropenam-1gm Inj.1's
64VASOMOX-CV 625Amoxycillin 500mg + clavulanic acid 125mg10*1*6
65VASOMOX-CV375Amoxycillin 250 + clavulanate 125mg Tab10*10
66VASOCOF-LSLevosabutamol 1mg + Guaiphenesin 50mg + Ambroxol 30mg100ml
67VASOPROHigh Protein Powder With DHA Biotin + Gla + M200gm
68NG-VAS 2.6MGNitroglycerin Controlled Release Tab 2.6mg30 TAB
69NG-VAS 6.4MGNitroglycerin Controlled Release Tab 6.4mg30 TAB
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