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Roma Healthcare is a budding Healthcare company offering wide portfolio of leading molecules for management of medical conditions in the field of major therapeutic areas. At Roma Healthcare, we continuously strive to identify significant therapy gaps by working hand in hand with health care professionals and patient advocates. Our patient focused innovative efforts may help bring new therapeutic alternatives as bridges for these therapeutic gaps.

We are fortifying our presence with varied therapeutic segment wise products that are listed in medical journals like CIMS, Drugs Today & IDR etc. Our formulations, world class packaging & design are aesthetic as well as novel.

We at Roma Healthcare, aspires to lead the diverse market of pharmaceutical industry with an unmatched reputation on the benchmark of quality, innovation, social responsibility & consistency. Our commitment to quality is our core strength. Quality of the product is assured throughout the production process with st

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Contract Manufacturing: Win-Win Strategy

Contract Manufacturing: Win-Win Strategy The Contract Manufacturing business is growing at a very good pace, and Roma Pharma Pvt Ltd. is making profitable use of this opportunity. Our success as Contract Manufacturer in the field of pharmaceutical formulation depends mainly on our product quality, low production cost, on-time delivery and the CM/Customer, Client relationship. Positively, Process optimization and training of production personnel is also playing a crucial role to achieve goals of our organization. Roma Pharma Pvt. Ltd., In manufacturing, obtaining a better yield through controlling the process, process optimization, understanding and implementing new technologies, and providing training and motivation to the production floor personnel. Controlling the process : Process control is a tool which helps the manufacturer to run the process in such a way that results are as per the specifications. Process control is performed by: - determining process control limits (using the process window) - Monitoring process results (data collection) - Analyzing the collected data, and - Implementing corrective actions, if necessary The manufacturing process consists of a number of steps, and for each manufacturing step there are process parameters with upper and lower control limits. The desired setting of machines and their tolerance can be derived out of this measurement. It is advisable to document and describe in detail all agreed specifications and determined process parameters. This document called 'process description' is an important document for controlling and optimizing the manufacturing process. After the individual process parameters have been determined and defined, the total production line needs to be set up according to the process description document.The most tangible aspect of process optimization is the balancing of cycle time of the manufacturing line. The process description also needs to be updated. We are providing training and motivation to manufacturing personnel. Today, manufacturing equipment is very sophisticated. The person operating them should have a thorough knowledge of machines, their working principles, various parameters, the manufacturing process, materials and so on. Moreover, to use sophisticated equipments effectively, employees working on the production floor must be adequately trained. Unfortunately, some manufacturing organizations are ready to invest time and money in purchasing sophisticated equipment but not on training their personnel. It should be realized that training of the manpower is never an expenditure. It is an investment which brings quick returns. Skills and knowledge can never be acquired overnight through unorganized training, We are running many training program ideally in-house a and, if the expertise is not available, professional bodies/institutes may be contacted. The most important way to succeed in the CM (contract manufacturing) business is motivating and training the manpower. Technology and material-related issues can be resolved through a judicious use of resources, but producing quality product depends heavily on the training and motivation of people on the production floor.

Business Opportunities in Pharma

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